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DeLorean 30th anniversary festival in Northern Ireland

John DeLorean with the famous design built in West Belfast

Sports car enthusiasts from all over the world will be arriving in Northern Ireland this week to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the DeLorean. Back to Dunmurry Held every 5 years, the convention for fans and owners of the DeLorean gather together for a global conference to celebrate the car made famous by the ‘Back […]

Choosing a Power Inverter

power inverter

What does a Power Inverter do? A power inverter converts your car’s DC battery power into conventional AC power which can then power & charge a range of household products such as power tools, TVs, mobile phones, laptops etc when an AC outlet is not available. This is particularly useful for camping or long road […]

High Temperature Thin Wall Cable

Thin Wall Auto Cable

  In the 1970’s we were driving around in cars like the Austin Allegro, Vauxhall Viva and the Ford Cortina. These and all other vehicles were manufactured with simple wiring systems produced using low voltage automotive PVC cable.  In the mid 80’s manufacturers started to specify more electrical components and features in their vehicles and as a result […]

Motorola TK30 Bluetooth Car Kit Installation

motorolla tk30 bluetooth

LA Distribution have been appointed authorised Motorola TK30 bluetooth car kit suppliers & installers! The TK30 is a pretty nifty little gadget, made for iPod,® iPhone® and other bluetooth enabled phones! It has built in alert feature so remind you not to forget your phone or iPod before you set off in your car! It […]

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