Amber Valley Drivers Mate Keyless Running System & Start-Guard Tail Lift

Drivers Mate Keyless Running System - Amber Valley
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New Products for a New Year

AVDM001 Amber Valley Drivers Mate 12v Keyless Running System


This is the first in a series of new products to make the drivers and operators life easier and safe time and money.

The Drivers Mate Keyless Running System allows the engine to keep running while the key is removed from the ignition, i.e for deliveries or while the driver is working away from the vehicle ensuring there is sufficient power to still use tail lifts, accessories and safety beacons stay lit.  Secure unit requires that the key must be re-inserted – otherwise the handbrake, footbrake or clutch if operated will trigger the engine to cut out immediately.


AVSG24SG1 – Amber Valley Start-Guard Tail Lift Protector 24v – Buzzer Type

taillift protector
This start guard will give peace of mind to any vehicle fleet operator, safeguarding the voltage in the starting battery by eliminating the possibility of a tail lift, passenger lift or double decker trailer lift discharging the battery to a level where the vehicle is left stranded.

The Start Guard actively monitors the battery voltage and if it drops below a predetermined level (sufficient to start the engine) the unit will tell the vehicle operator via the buzzer which means the engine needs re-started. If the engine is not re-started the power is automatically cut and restored when the battery reaches a predetermined voltage.


The verdict?

– An impressive device to stop your Tail Lift from Flattening Your Battery!!


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