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Installing a Starter

LRS212 Starter Motor

HAVING PROBLEMS INSTALLING A STARTER? 62% of all starter failure is due to a faulty or weak battery (batteries should be replaced every three years with the required cold crankings amp rating)

How to: Wire a Car Cigarette Lighter Plug

A simple video to show how to Wire a Car Cigarette Lighter Plug

How to: wire a 7 Pin Trailer Plug

A simple step by step video to demonstrate how to wire a 7 Pin Trailer Plug:

Ford Electric Heater Valve

ford heating valve

At this time of year when you’re using your heater for the first time in a while, you may find that the heat stays the same no matter which way you turn the heater control knob – this is either because the valve that allows the hot water into the heater has seized, the electric motor that […]

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