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An Update on OKO Tyre Sealant

  We recently recieved a letter from the C.E.O of the OKO Group to tell us about all the exciting developments that have been happening. As the sole distributor of OKO Tyre Sealant in Northern Ireland we are always eager to hear about any recent developments. So here are a few to feast your eyes […]

Daytime Running Lights – To see & be seen, with safety & style.

DRL’s –  To see & be seen…. What is your thoughts? On 07/02/11 a new law was passed in the UK meaning that daytime running lights (DRLs) have become a mandatory fitting to all new type approved passenger vehicles except trailers. The DRLs must switch on with the vehicle ignition and switch off when the […]

Fresnel Lens – Eliminate ALL Blind Spots on your HGV Vehicle

fresnel lens

The Fresnel Lens that eliminates the HGV passenger-side blind spot It is a terrible tragedy when a cyclist or motorcyclist gets killed or seriously injured when hit by a HGV driver while turning left at a junction or side-swiped on the main road because the driver did not see them due to the passenger-side blind […]

Snow Socks & Snow Chains

snow socks & chains

Don’t let the Snow & Ice stop you on the roads this Winter! Snow socks & snow chains are quick and easy to fit and provide grip for your vehicles tyres in icy or snowy conditions on the road. 

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