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From LA to USA – Our Cobra parking sensors go global

Parking sensors are not the sort of boxed product that you would buy in the high street and nor are they a particularly exciting item and as such they generally get overlooked. However, once you have reversed a car with parking sensors fitted you will soon realise – as with all good inventions – there […]

Daytime Running Lights – To see & be seen, with safety & style.

DRL’s –  To see & be seen…. What is your thoughts? On 07/02/11 a new law was passed in the UK meaning that daytime running lights (DRLs) have become a mandatory fitting to all new type approved passenger vehicles except trailers. The DRLs must switch on with the vehicle ignition and switch off when the […]

Trailer Lamp Wiring – The simple Plug & Play Solution from LED Autolamp

2. Lamp to Gooseneck Cable

Ever needed to re-wire the lighting on your trailer but been put off by the thought of all that cutting, splicing, heat shrinking and crimping? LED Autolamps have been clever enough to devise a unique plug and play system for wiring their 100/150/200 series LED trailer lamps and here at LA we now have them in […]

Ice & Snow Shoe Grips – No Falls This Winter!


We’ve brought back our best-selling ice & snow grips this winter just in time for the forecasted big freeze. Magic Spiker No Slip Rubber Grippers are a simple but effective accessory for adding some much-needed traction to any pair of shoes or boots you wear this winter. The Winter Feet are easy to attach to any […]

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