New Range of Inspection Lamps: Dont Be Kept In The Dark

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At LA Distribution we are proud to announce the launch of our new range of state of the art LED inspection light solutions for the workshop..

This new and improved range from Ring Automotive is the more 21st century approach to the old ‘lightbulb on a cable’ inspection lamp.

They have a number of different advantages over the old tungsten lamps:

  • Long Life LED’s So no bulb or tube to replace. Most LED inspection lamps will outlast their owner.
  • Size Much smaller and compact to fit in those tiny spaces that modern vehicles seem to come with.
  • Cordless – Battery powered means no cables trailing over the workshop.
  • Low power consumption – most will run for 4-5 hours on a single charge.
  • Hard Wearing – All very robustly made to withstand the knocks and bumps and drops that will inevitably happen – you can drive a truck over them with no ill effects.

Check out this video from Ring Automotive showing a 7.5 tonne truck running over one of their inspection lamps… and yes you guessed it, it still works after.

Ring Automotive Video

The benefits of inspections lamps do not end there… many have other features like swivelling heads, magnets or hooks for handsfree use and day glo colours so that they dont get left behind.

Here is just a few example of the range of inspection lamps that we have in stock:






To see our complete range of LED inspection work shop lamps please visit our website  or alternatively you call give one of our team a call on 02890455877


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