New Ring Xenon Ultima Bulbs – now get 120% more light

Ring Ultima 120% more light Car Bulbs
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Now get up to 120% more light on the road!

The brand new Xenon Ultima headlight bulb from ring is the first fully street legal halogen upgrade bulb to offer 120% more light on the road.  Unlike some other headlight upgrade options, Ring Xenon Ultima headlight bulbs are fully street legal and require no changes to your vehicle wiring.  Upgrading to 120% more light is as simple as replacing your standard headlight bulbs.

What are the benefits?

Xenon gas combined with advanced filament technology produce a longer beam pattern giving you more time to react to potential hazards and gain better reflections from road markings and signs, which makes for more comfortable and safer night driving.

Xenon Ultima is available in H1, H4 and H7 sizes, suitable for most cars, bikes and vans and are now available to buy.


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