OKO Puncture Free Motorcycle Range

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Any rider who has experienced a puncture at speed knows what a frightening situation it is. A puncture can happen without warning and it can make your motor cycle impossible to handle.  A high percentage of motor cycle accidents due to punctures can lead to serious injury and in some circumstances fatalities. However, even in lesser accidents a puncture can cause damage to your motor cycles inner tubes and tyres and very quickly the repair costs can begin to escalate.

In the past, motorcycle riders have had a raw deal. You have been offered tyre sealants that do not properly suit your machines and thus faith in tyre sealant has diminished. However, thanks to OKO Puncture Free Tyre Sealant that has now changed.

How does OKO work…

OKO Tyre Sealant was first introduced to the markets in 1978 and historically has gained the reputation for being the most effective and advanced puncture preventative produced.

OKO Puncture Free is a liquid Tyre Sealant applied as a preventative to deflation BEFORE a pneumatic tyre is punctured. If a puncture occurs it provides an instant permanent seal. OKO is easy to apply to tyres via the valve system with the bottles built in valve core remover and applicator tube.

The great news for motorcycle riders is that OKO offers not one but FOUR different types of tailored motorcycle tyre sealant.

Introducing the OKO Puncture Free Motorcycle Range:

1. OKO Puncture Free for Mopeds & Scooters – for general purpose use on and off road.

2. OKO Puncture Free for On Road Motorbikes – for faster, hotter on-road running.

3. OKO Puncture Free for Quad Bikes – for on and off road use.

4. OKO XT – for the toughest Off Road Racing conditions.  Seals puncture and slits and is an effective and cost saving alternative to mousse.

They all last for the life of the tyre, unlike many others which need replacing after a few months. OKO instantly seals multiple punctures with minimal loss of air or sealant. Even if the hole is too big, it helps slow down the pressure loss, allowing you to stop the bike safely.
Benefits of OKO Puncture Free Tyre Sealant

  • OKO helps keep tyres at their correct pressure, providing safer riding and fuel saving.
  • Certified environmentally safe
  • Contains rust inhibitor; it will not damage rims, wheels, tyre casing or inner tubes.
  • Rigorously tested in all conditions: functional in extreme heat and cold.
  • Seals holes up to 5mm instantly in the tyre thread area.
  • Speed rated puncture protection treatment.
  • Will last the legal life of the motorcycle tyre.

Therefore don’t leave it any longer, get in contact with LA Distribution now and get your hands on this amazing puncture preventative.

Available at our website or by calling a member of the team on 02890 455877.

Check out OKO Puncture Free in action over on Youtube

(All information sourced from the OKO Puncture Free website www.oko.com)

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