Protect against car theft with Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)

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cobra-4615-bmwCar crime has changed over the last few years.

Traditionally there have been 3 lines of defence:

Alarm – To deter and guard against theft.
Immobiliser – To prevent theft of a vehicle.
Tracking Device – To locate and recover a stolen vehicle.

The fight has become Hi-tech, requiring an additional line of defence.

Certain vehicles are being stolen by key cloning methods. This is where the wireless signal from the key is copied or when a spare key is programmed to the car which is to be stolen.

Key cloning of cars with keyless entry is now a major problem in the UK.  The main manufacturers being affected are Range Rover, BMW and Audi.  Using this technology the factory alarm and immobiliser is disarmed as if the original key is being used.

Alarm with Driver Recognition by Vodafone Automotive is an Alarm system with Driver Recognition and Anti Theft via Key Cloning/RF Key Blocking

This provides the original vehicle keys with an additional passive digital signature, preventing cloned keys from starting the vehicle without the ADR tag being present.

If a car thief tries to steal a vehicle with a cloned key, the fact that the ADR tag is not present means the alarm is triggered and the vehicle is immobilised.

LA Distribution will soon be providing a training session for installers.  If you would like to attend please contact us on 02890 455877 or the contact form below, as spaces for this session will be limited.

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