Introducing the Award Winning Ring Automotive RIL50 Pocket Light

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From the Ring Essential range comes the award winning RIL50 8 LED Pocket Lamp. Featuring ultra bright 40 lumens of light and a compact design similar to that of a pen, it is only 16cm in length and has a useful magnetic pocket clip.

Auto Express who awarded the RIL50 Pocket Light the best buy award has said ‘you’ll have no problems finding somewhere to stow our winner as it’s no bigger than a large pen. There’s even a pocket clip. It also contains a magnet, making it easier to place the light, while leaving your hands free to work. Not that direction is really critical, as those eight LEDs give a super-bright, broad beam that’s still powerful enough to light your way for walking. A cracking price seals the victory’ Auto Express, 2012

Obviously it was a must for us here at LA Distribution to try out the RIL50 Pocket Light, and as you can see from the video link below it really does produce a super-bright and broad beam and being the size of a felt tip pen, this product really is an essential item to have.


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