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Ring RAC Air Compressors  RAC600/610/630

26th – 30th March 2012

Checking tyre pressure is an essential maintenance procedure. Correctly inflated tyres can save money on fuel and unnecessary tyre repairs.
Under-inflated tyres result in poor handling, braking and an increased risk of a blow-out. Research shows driving around on tyres at 20 per cent below the correct pressure (around 6psi) increases tyre wear by a quarter. Fuel use goes up by three per cent – and tyre life is cut by almost one third!

“Spending just a few minutes checking your vehicle’s tyres could ultimately save you hours of hassle following a puncture or blow-out.  However, what’s more important is that an unchecked tyre might be unsafe, putting the driver, passengers and other road users in very real danger,” said Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe tyresafe.org

Two of the main things to bear in mind include air pressure and the overall tyre condition. Having the correct air pressure is particularly critical because of the increased vehicle weight from extra passengers and luggage being transported. Therefore, vehicles may need to have their tyres inflated to a higher pressure to stay safe. tyretrade.ie

So checking your pressures at least once a week makes sense – for safety, and for the wallet! Portable air compressors enable you to top them up easily & quickly and can be stored in the car – ideal for taking away on journeys too. We stock a great range from Ring Automotive – check out the range of Ring air compressors


Ring RAC600

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