Trailer Lamp Wiring – The simple Plug & Play Solution from LED Autolamp

2. Lamp to Gooseneck Cable
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Ever needed to re-wire the lighting on your trailer but been put off by the thought of all that cutting, splicing, heat shrinking and crimping?

LED Autolamps have been clever enough to devise a unique plug and play system for wiring their 100/150/200 series LED trailer lamps and here at LA we now have them in stock.  All we need from you are the distance between the lamps, and the length of the trailer including drawbar.  We will then be able to supply you with: 

  1. A 1 meter trailer connector, which terminates in a standard 7-pin trailer plug to connect to your vehicle, and a waterproof connector to plug into:
  2. A lamp to gooseneck cable which runs the length of your trailer and has the same waterproof connections
  3. A lamp to lamp cable which runs between your two 100/150/200 series lamps, again, with a specially designed waterproof connector. The lamp to lamp cable also comes with a special extension for adding a 35BLM1P LED number plate lamp should you need it.


1. 5-Wire Cable with 7 Pin Connector

2. Lamp to Gooseneck Cable
3. Lamp to lamp cable










With all these connections in place, your trailer lighting is now fully functioning, idiot proof, 100% waterproof and submersible – perfect for boat trailers!





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