Truck Blind Spots… Know Them…Don’t Hang Out In Them

Blind Spot Truck
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Did you know there are four blind spots surrounding HGV Trucks, Lorries and large vehicles that the driver of the truck can’t see objects in from the drivers seat?


truck blind spots

The dark shaded areas in this image show the area you should always avoid if possible. These areas are impossible to see from the drivers seat.Driving directly behind and close to the back of the truck makes it impossible for the truck driver to see you (without a rear camera etc)

A good “rule of thumb” if driving behind a large vehicle, HGV or Truck, is – if you can’t see both mirrors on the truck ahead – the right one and the left one from behind the truck – then the driver of the truck cannot see you.

truck blind spot

Due to the sheer size of large vehicles, trucks and lorries take a lot of room when changing lanes. If you are in a truck or large vehicles blind spot and the driver doesn’t see you – you are in danger of side swiped, particulary at a junction or when the larger vehicle is turning a corner. So take note of the blind spots – or ‘no – zone’ areas, and help truck drivers to see you wherever possible.

This infamous video demonstrates the dangers of ending up in a Trucks front blind spot – the extreme dangers! (note the car driver escaped uninjured)


If you drive a HGV or large vehicle you may be interested in learning more about Fresnel Lens which can eliminate the blind spots on your vehicle.


Remember: If you can’t see the truck’s mirrors, the driver will not be able to see you!

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