Digital Wireless Reversing Camera Systems

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As both driver and pedestrian safety are becoming ever more important,

LA Distribution continue to offer top of the range safety solutions.

We have offered reversing camera solutions for a long time, allowing drivers to have 4 cameras connected for maximum visibility. While this was fine for vans and trucks, articulated lorries required an additional suzie connection kit to allow the trailer to be unhooked from the cab.

wireless monitor and four cameras

Connect up to 4 cameras with recording facility

Our new range of digital wireless kits eliminates the hassle of plugging and unplugging when required and also speeds up installation time.The monitor and cameras auto scan and pair when in proximity and have a range (barrier free) of up to 120 metres.

The Digital systems offers a cleaner and stronger signal than the old analogue kits that operated on RF. system. This makes them both more versatile and safer to use.


This range of Digital Wireless Camera Systems allow for the possibility on pairing 4 cameras.

Two of the systems also feature a recording facility where drivers can record what appears on screen onto a 32GB TF card, now a requirement of many fleet providers in today’s compensation culture where organisations vehicles may be targets of fraudulent activities.

As with the regular systems the wireless systems are also operate on 10-32 volt so they will appeal to all car, plant and commercial customers.


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